Surrendering to spiritual unknowns defines Balinese Hindu belief

Growing up in Indonesia, I’ve always heard stories about how there is another world that lives beside us. Another world that we can’t grasp literally. But it’s there.

Losing faith: Twists and turns of spirituality lead to plenty of questions

Being Catholic has meant different things to Katia Kozachok at various points of adolescence. Her conclusion: She isn’t sure what to call herself, but she’s ready to keep exploring.

Finding faith: Exploring religion as a teen means falling into the unknown

One teen writer begins to contemplate her lack of religious upbringing — and what it will mean for her future if she embraces a part of society she’s never felt comfortable around.

Don't stop ... Beliebing? Saying goodbye to a childhood inspiration

Growing up sometimes means shedding childhood friends, or in this case, saying goodbye to celebrity inspiration-turned-paparazzi punchline Justin Bieber.

No longer a kid, not quite an adult

The teenage years are tough to navigate, especially when you don’t fully understand what it means to be mature.


Personal reflection: Thomas Wrede on writing about homelessness

Tackling difficult subject matter isn’t easy for a professional reporter, let alone a teen testing the journalism waters while in high school.

Letter from the publisher: It's the end of an era

As Lynda McDonnell prepares for retirement, the longtime ThreeSixty executive director reflects on the past 12 years of student-centered journalism.


Saying goodbye to adolescence means finding new solitude

As she embarks on a new college journey, senior Madie Ley reflects on her hometown of Elk River—and how its secluded woods watched her grow up these past 18 years.


Race and identity: 'Well then, what are you?'

With help from her parents, Simone Cazares learned to embrace her multiracial heritage at an early age. But it still leads to questions — and a lot of surprise — from peers who are often only convinced by what they see on the surface.

Race and identity: 'You're only pretending'

If you’ve ever moved away from your childhood home, you might know what it’s like to see a familiar place yet feel like you no longer belong.

Race and identity: 'You're not black enough'

What does it mean to be “black?” Deborah Honore reflects on her Ethiopian, Congolese and African-American background, and how stereotypes craft an image of “black” that only perpetuates the negative.

Coloring outside the script lines: Are audiences able to look beyond race for acting roles?

Can Santa Claus be black? Does Cinderella have to be blonde? Amira Warren-Yearby explores how race plays a role in how you view certain book, TV or movie characters.

Drowning out the noise: Musical tastes don’t have to be defined by skin color

If you’re black, you must be into hip-hop and R&B. White kids love rock music. Those are the stereotypes, right? Except for one Somali girl, race and music don’t have to be defined so narrowly.

A dream realized: An exchange student’s arrival in America opens eyes, hearts

Riding a big yellow school bus felt like a piece of the American dream to one exchange student. Yet despite the new experiences, life overseas can pose challenges.


Pieces of a puzzle: Adoption journey feels like ‘impossible scavenger hunt’

Even with a big part of her past shrouded in mystery, one teen writer finds comfort in the confusion of her adoption origin.


Calling a timeout: How much is too much when it comes to our sports obsessions?

Do we love sports TOO much? A fellow sports fan examines his priorities, and those of society, as the attention we pay athletes continues to grow and grow.

Give yourself a break, teens: Look in the mirror to see your own worst critic

There’s nothing to romanticize about depression or self-hatred. But how can you pull yourself out of the mental gutter and embrace the real you?

Test of faith: Shift in beliefs led to affirmative yes vote for marriage amendment

As the same-sex marriage celebrations continue, one St. Thomas student reflects on her own beliefs—and how dedicating herself to religion may have changed her vote, but (hopefully) not her friendships.

Faith in a box: Conflicted feelings confirm a new approach to religious identity

At the moment she should have been forging an important bond with Catholicism, a once-proud “Jesus Freak” began examining her faith.

My life in east St. Paul: What you learn here shapes who you are, how to get out

“Trust none.” It might not be an original motto only said in east St. Paul, but it’s one that several teenagers swear by on this side of town.

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