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ThreeSixty Magazine, January 2015

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Going for broke: Knowing when to make music a full-time career can be a tricky proposition

Musicians hear the warnings all the time—“You have to make it BIG in the music industry to be successful.”

But people had been quietly breaking that rule for awhile when popular hip hop artist Mac

Name of the game: Outlaw artists are drawn to graffiti culture because of its creativity, duality

“The Way I Work”
Some people might need convincing that the words “graffiti” and “art” belong together in the same sentence.


Too much left unsaid: Shrouded in mystery, the death of a close friend leaves a lasting void

It was a day I won’t ever forget.


The joy of educating others

Joy Nollenberg, founder of the Joy Project in Minneapolis, can vouch for the lack of awareness surrounding eating disorders. In February 2006, Nollenberg founded the nonprofit program following her own struggles with anorexia.