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The race issue: Twin Cities teens open up about daily indignities, personal challenges

They’re not black enough. They speak “Mexican.” They must be overachievers if they’re Chinese … good with computers if they’re Indian … hiding something if they wear a turban. Twin Cities teens have heard it all—and frankly, they’re a bit tired of the pervasive labels.

YourTurn winners: What have you learned from failure?

ThreeSixty asked for your thoughts on failure and what teens can learn from disappointing setbacks. Here’s how our essay contest winners responded.


Home away from home: Exchange students experience highs and lows overseas

Culture shock is inevitable for students who travel overseas during the school year. Whether coming to America or heading to Spain and Sweden, the challenges are often unexpected, yet perhaps pleasantly surprising.

Cedar Cultural Center celebrates 25 years as a Minneapolis gem

As the Cedar Cultural Center celebrates its silver anniversary, the Minneapolis venue’s brain trust reflects on the power of live music and global awareness to build community.

Creatures of comfort: Animal therapy bonds lead to life changing rewards

C’mon, who can resist a cuddly dog’s wagging tail? Yet while animal therapy bonds can prove life-changing, the approval process isn’t as simple as begging for treats.