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ThreeSixty HotSeat: Ruben Rosario, Pioneer Press

Ruben Rosario doesn’t pull any punches about his column writing. Nope. He writes for “the underdogs, the average Joes, the working class people.”

Camp snapshots: Public relations with David Hlavac of Bellmont Partners

When public relations expert David Hlavac came into a classroom of 14 high school students and said, “Raise your hand if you know what public relations is,” only two people did so.

ThreeSixty HotSeat: Ben Garvin, Pioneer Press

When Ben Garvin says “I’ve seen it all,” it really means something.

ThreeSixty HotSeat: Nicole Norfleet, Star Tribune

Ever wonder what the life of a Star Tribune public safety reporter is like?

ThreeSixty HotSeat: Master Tesfatsion, Star Tribune

If you think it’s common for a 23-year-old to cover the NFL for the biggest newspaper in his or her state, think again.